You Can Just Leave It All

by Prawn

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Bora Kesal
Bora Kesal thumbnail
Bora Kesal Currently one of the flag bearers for the scene and with good reason, their music incorporates elements of post-rock, indie and punk and fuses them together seamlessly. Favorite track: At Dawn We Left.
Timothy Snyder
Timothy Snyder thumbnail
Timothy Snyder This band is smarter and musically more talented than a lot of other bands. "Sammy" alone can explain why this is the case. I can't wait for the newest release. Favorite track: Sammy.
Asota thumbnail
Asota Just another beautiful album. So many feels off this record. Favorite track: Questions For Dome Chomsky.
Andy Sykes
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Andy Sykes Gorgeous, widescreen, catchy-as-fuck . Favorite track: Slaying A Paper Tiger.
Chris Newton
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Chris Newton Mad album, more people need to know about this band Favorite track: Wesley's Pipe Dreams.
Curtis thumbnail
Curtis Amazing guitar work! Love the fact these guys are so DIY. Favorite track: Wesley's Pipe Dreams.
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released June 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Prawn New Jersey


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Track Name: At Dawn We Left
We drove home in separate cars. I chose my favorite way. You took a road less traveled. I guess that's what time will do to you.

As much as I try I haven't tried nearly hard enough to keep you close and safe. I know I've failed but you haven't been home.

You were right when you said this time spent is time lost. But I couldn't hear you from across the room. This conversation is lost in the walls.

There's not that much left in my tank. I spent it all driving state to state. What I lost last winter is more than my head can wrap itself around.
Track Name: Wesley's Pipe Dreams
I let you down again. Through your point of view I've made a mess of my whole life. I can't change your perception you're best without knowing I have no sympathy. He was my dad too. You moved out west, I stayed back east. Strictly for the family.

September brought me nothing but pain. You left me for dead. So I left you a note. It read please leave me alone so I can lick my wounds and get back up on my feet.

A subtle scene of imagery you called it as it was. I called you up to let you know I've been rehearsing this for that one day we hash this shit out. I'm not breaking down, I'm building up.

It's not that I don't care. I've just been hurt. I'm telling everyone about you. I can't believe it's almost been eight years. It's like a bad dream, we're only getting older.
Track Name: Get Down
This complicates things more than I thought. I tried to stop this before the start. But my clumsy lips fell into yours. You grabbed my shirt I lost my thought. Suggestions beg the question of what we should or shouldn't do.

Like two kids we were so dumb sitting on my front porch that night. You walked home as I laid low trying hard not to fall apart.

A lesson learned from past mistakes. That's what I tell myself these days. And I'm not better. I'm just plain bitter. That's what this last year has taught me.

On your way back home you stumbled across the corner where we said goodbye. You told me the next day you needed more than me.
Track Name: Sammy
Whatever you think that I said those words. They fell from my mouth and into your heart. You're running again, let's stop burning our hands on half charred regrets but it's

Into the rain, we're falling again. Believe me when I say I'm here til the end.

I can't breathe with your hands around my neck. I can't speak with your words in my mouth. (Into the rain, we're falling again)
Track Name: Clever Hands
You live your own life now. But I still care about what you think. And all those roads you have left to lead, are you scared of them? (Are you scared to mend?)

If you could only believe in me like I believe in you. I'll assume you're happy when you're holding up. You'll be just fine. And when I say please don't, please do.

You are so much more than you've been told, then you've been shown. You are stuck on a branch. We've seen you fall off. You don't know where you'll land. You're in the air, all of this life comes quicker than we know. Re-read your story line and sing.
Track Name: Horizontal
Hands in your pockets again. You left your friends on the corner 55th and 3rd. I must agree this night's a bit cold, but a crisp breeze never killed anyone you said. You light your cigarettes with your left hand. A northern subway ride would do us some good. We caught the last train out when we finally found our friends.

We made our best friend's apartment into a home and cuddled up to avoid the cold. My body moved faster than my mind could work.

You light your cigarettes with your left hand. Broke down but positive, the decisions I made will aid us in the long run. So let this night be better than the last one.
Track Name: Perfect Equilibrium
Lying down in my bed. These thoughts rush right into my head. I haven't felt this bad since you left me. I could've sworn I had this under control but now I feel

That it scares me you're so sure of your new direction. It's probably better but somehow I don't care.

It's pointless, I'm burnt out. I've tried too many times before. Climbing through the back seat, reaching out my hand for yours. Game theory won't help me. Game theory won't help through this one.
Track Name: Slaying A Paper Tiger
Well I admit I've been reluctant to see your side of the subject. It's just been too long. I'm waking up from a six month slumber, trading tact for confidence. But you don't notice.

But honestly, I can't imagine wasting my breath on someone else other than you. We've been here before, under the same sheets, but never under the circumstance that we're in now.

But still after all of this, you're still the one I see when I close my eyes at night to sleep.
Track Name: Questions For Dome Chomsky
The sounds from the old house. The smell of my own breath. Or the closing of the back door. I don't know how I didn't see this coming.

You made us leave so we walked through the cold night. (It's not the first time) You've let this family down. (It should be the last time) I know you can change.

Come on now, you know that it's useless to try and reach out for your future.
Track Name: Transcendental Deduction (Copernican Turn)
Don't feel bad, I've been there before. You're drawing inspiration from your favorite 17th century old philosopher.

It's ok not to know where you stand. After all we stand on shaky ground. You're so close to being alone. Yet you're so close to being ok.