by Prawn

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released September 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Prawn New Jersey


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Track Name: Costa Rica
I feel home in your eyes, in the light that they exude.
I know I rushed this conclusion but you pulled me in far too close.
I couldn't help but notice the way your perfectly aligned as a being in this world, in the air that I breathe, the light that my tired eyes perceive.
I could blanket your bones give you shelter and home, it'd be hard to forget those late nights.
Time well spent with our best friends, it's all thats left in our hazy cluttered heads.
I can blanket your bones, give you room for growth, it'd be hard to forget those late nights.
Track Name: Grass and Bones
It's doubtful but I'll say it so it stays with me, I'll manage without you.
But those slow drive Sunday's won't be the same. It wasn't hard to let you go.
But I miss you explaining all the ins and outs of how you doubt more than fear.
I've started to recognize the patterns in my life.
I'm well aware you're critical but in your head you're fair.
I'm well aware you're critical but then again, so am I.
Will you remember those late night walks?
Will you recognize me in twenty years?
Track Name: Donald Domesky
We hold on to what we can
If I could only remember what you said. Something along the lines
How time takes as all.
So lets use our arms as oars to tread to the nearest shore.
Haven't you played this all our in your head before?
I know you're still the king in your runaway dreams
But in my mind you represent a social being whose moral is dead
So you cling to the nearest anchor whom you deem justifiable.

So you come off the edge and meet me more than halfway.
Track Name: Spring River
Leave your preconceived notions at home
Let our bodies do the work, let our minds relax in quite.
We're like frayed tethered knots, only strings hold us together.
You can't will us apart.
An inkling I'll follow, you're a road that I'll travel

You can't will two ships.

Leave our home in the suburbs for country roads; Spring River.
We're like two ships at sea both missing rudders.
We shudder in our sleep, we stammer in our speech.
An inkling I'll follow, you're a map that I'll travel.

A mistake, I messed up; an armistice I couldn't keep.
Track Name: Praxis
So you sweat your whole life out looking for something you found
In the city you moved to, you move slow with me.
I don't think a chance of place can change a person
So you dive into an uncertain ocean current
So you dive into the vacuum inside your head.

You dive into your head and pretend this wait is over
Overhead you've slipped into the deep end, the seabed.

You've developed such a strong sense of self
You should spend more time with those books on Action and Praxis
I've tried to spell this out, you're always preoccupied
But you still insist your just getting by

Was this weight always on your shoulders?
Track Name: Two Ships
Deep patterned thoughts, hereditary traits
I'd rather not stay up too late again
But its in my blood to overcommit or to stop before I even begin
So you can take this with you - an admission of my faults
As a poem or a prologue, a rhetorical remark.

We could do what we've said
Captain our own vessel
Debate our inspirations
Live of our decisions
But it seems like its the case, the winds are dying down
A calm lull on our ocean

I need you in my head
Is there a place for me in yours?

Direct me where to go
I'll follow to your green hilled rabbit holes; the place where you call home.
Direct me where to go
I find my troubled mind is more at ease whenever I'm with you.